“For All The Right Reasons”

Our dream is to see a world where sexual services are no longer stigmatized, and are available to everyone.

We aim to become the first online, discreet, and trustworthy escort agency. Our pseudonymous reputation tracking system will assure safety and quality of service for providers and clients alike, without sacrificing privacy. Our financial overhead is much lower than traditional agencies: clients will pay less, while service providers still earn more.

Don't be fooled by imitators. There are many, many sites on Tor hawking escort services, but none of them have a reputation system. All of them appeared overnight, by magic, with the same set of girls they've always had. Every girl provides every service, and every girl will travel worldwide at the drop of a hat. This is not reality. These are all run-of-the-mill scams put together by some schmuck who doesn't realize the work it takes to start a new agency.

We know we have a long road ahead of us. And that's why we need your help. What is an escort service without escorts? Since we don't have the luxury of being able to fabricate our girls out of thin air from Google Images and a copy-pasted bio, we need referrals. If you can refer an escort to us, or happen to be one yourself, please apply to be one of our service providers. We accept every race and every body type. You don't need to be experienced, but you must be willing to learn. Refer service providers to us and earn up to €1,000!


Any financial support you can give is greatly appreciated. You may donate Bitcoin at this address:

Your donation will be listed publicly in the blockchain; if you want to donate more discreetly, you're welcome to contact us for a private donation address.

Donations will be used to locate new service providers in order to expand the areas we cover, as well as to further develop the site and pay our expenses until we are fully up and running. If you want to see our dream materialize, please consider contributing; even a small amount will go a long way.

Donations are not garanteed to be redeemable for services, but we may give token rewards or exclusive offers to early supporters in the future. You will need to sign a message with the address you used to donate, so make sure your wallet supports this if you want this option open to you. If you want this, please make sure you are sending from a Bitcoin wallet that allows signatures, and be sure to note down the address used to send.


This form is for service provider applications and referrals. Please do not use this form to request services; we cannot provide any at this time, and fake submissions will only delay our launch. For any other inquiries, use the general contact form.

Please fill out the form completely, and provide sample photos depicting you holding up a card with your email address and today's date. You do not need to show your face, but applications without photo will be deleted instantly without being read; if you cannot fill everything out, use the contact form below instead.

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To save us tremendous amounts of time, we've written a quick Q&A. Please review it before contacting us, as it answers 99 out of 100 questions we recieve.

Q: How do I request services?

A: We don't yet have any service providers, so we aren't yet even close to taking on clients.

Q: When will you be open?

A: We don't know. The only applications we've gotten are people wasting our time. Please stop asking, and check back later.

Q: What services will you offer?

A: We hope to offer everything you'd expect from an escort service, including as many fetish services as possible. Common sense dictates that dangerous acts aren't going to be on the menu.

Q: Why don't you hire [Jane Doe]? She is hot and here is her website.

A: Most escorts work for an agency that requires exclusivity. If you found someone with a website, chances are pretty solid she works for someone else already. In addition, legitimate service providers work for a living; would you give up your steady job for an unknown new company? What were saying is this: Please do not refer escorts to us without first asking them; it wastes your time, our time, and their time.

Have a question we haven't answered? Fill out the form below–

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